Blueprints for the Manufacturies

Heritage Skills Workshops

We are proud to be a partner venue for the National Festival of Making, usually a two day event takes over the town with a unique celebration of UK making ‘from factory floor to the kitchen table’ which welcomes more than 40,000 visitors to Blackburn.

Art in Manufacturing is a co-commission between National Festival of Making and Super Slow Way which sees artists placed in residence in major manufacturers across Lancashire. The artists collaborate with workforce’s to make incredible new works from soundscapes to sculptures which are presented at the festival weekend.

Visitors to The Exchange were able to practice printmaking with Tim Denton Design & Build Studio, specialists in the production of temporary spaces and structures and engage in workshops to help imagine a new structure for the 2020 National Festival of Making. Participants were able to draw blueprints to inspire a structure to be built at the next year’s festival using a collection of stencils that are taken from visual references of existing Blackburn Architecture.