The Past

A Brief History of The Cotton Exchange



The Exchange Hall on King William-street. Originally designed as a Cotton Exchange, the foundation stone was laid by the Mayor, J.B.S. Sturdy, on March 10th 1863. Decorated in gothic style, its first plan included another wing to face the Town Hall, with a tower at the junction, but neither materialised and the projected tower was left truncated, with an incongruous spire.


A postcard showing King William-street. on the left is the Cotton Exchange on the right Library-street and Exchange-street. Ahead is Sudell Cross.


King William-street looking towards Sudell Cross. on the right is Library-street and Exchange-street. on the left is the Cotton Exchange. Taken in 1909 from in front of the Town Hall.


King William-street looking towards Sudell Cross, Covered by the tree is Library-street and Exchange-street. The Cotton Exchange is on the right. c1910


An Architects drawing of the once proposed cultural complex in Town Hall-street, as seen from the front of the Town Hall. Note the double bridge that spans between the library and the opposite side of Town Hall-street and the new buildings that join with the Cotton Exchange which  was then the unit 4 Cinema. Date 11th September 1972.


Essoldo, Apollo Cinemas in the former Cotton Exchange. Vall Hall Jewellers situated next door.


Exchange Hall (cotton exchange) former unit 4 cinema with Tiggis restaurant and shops under.


Exchange Hall (Cotton exchange) Polygonal lobby entrance, similar to a chapel house.


Exchange Hall (Cotton exchange) with restaurant Tiggis