Date(s) - Sat 9th Sep 2017
10:15 am - 1:15 pm

The Exchange Blackburn

Heritage Open Days Tours

Guided tours of the Cotton Exchange. Find out how volunteers are rescuing and restoring this iconic building and how you can get involved.

Generations of families remember the old Apollo cinema, originally the Cotton Exchange completed in 1863. This is where we met for teenage dates and later enjoyed Disney classics with our children. Spent happy times and family celebrations in Tiggis restaurant. Back in time this iconic building represents the prosperity of the Cotton Trade era, which was the very reason that Blackburn expanded, becoming the foremost cotton weaving town in the world.

For 11 years the doors of the Cotton Exchange have remained closed, leaving sadness and frustration that this beautiful place could be neglected, left empty, a blight on the high street, a reminder of a ‘better Blackburn’ slowly eroding.

In 2012 a group of volunteers came together to save the Exchange. They have jumped hurdles, pushed down barriers and excited funders to come together to rescue this amazing building. This is your chance to find out how we aim to restore the building for future generations. See the architect’s vision to create one large awe-inspiring flexible space with smaller creative areas. The new Exchange will be reborn to support the flourishing cultural and economic growth of Blackburn.

We are sorry but all the tours are now fully booked.

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