Timeline of the Exchange

Captured Moments in Time

A Quiet Opening

The new Exchange building, which had been under construction for several years, finally opened its doors to the public on 6th May 1865. The opening was a rather low-key affair, as no official ceremony was held. The directors of the Exchange had tried to secure the attendance of some dignitaries, such as Lord Derby, Lord Stanley, or anyone else of significance, but none were available.

The same afternoon, the Exchange held its annual general meeting, where it was confirmed that the first stage of the project was at a close, and that the large room, ante-rooms and offices and lower part of the tower were complete. The meeting also reported on the financial situation of the Exchange – that more had been spent on the construction of the Exchange, and purchase of the Exchange Hotel and Catholic Hall, which needed them to take out a loan for £5,000 to cover the outstanding debts.

However, there was some cause for celebration, as the opening concert was held in the evening, showcasing the building’s acoustic properties and ability to be repurposed for such events. The concert was a success, attracting a large and enthusiastic audience, and generating some revenue for the Exchange. The directors expressed their hopes that more such events could be held in the future, and that the new Exchange would become a hub of commerce and culture in the city.