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Bonny Baby Lookalikes

Over 500 fond Blackburn mothers have offspring who resemble Baby Leroy, the child film star who appears with Maurice Chevalier at the Majestic Cinema this week in ” A Bedtime Story”.

This fact, came to light as a result of a competition organised by Mr. H. Stevens, the manager of the cinema, for a silver cup. Only 14 of these aspirants appeared before the then judges, however, and even then the task of making a choice formidable.

A representative was of ” The Blackburn Times ” who visited the Majestic yesterday afternoon found the Mayoress (Mrs. C. A. Critchley), Mrs. Briggs HI Marsden and Mrs. Royle in the centre of a room surrounded by 11 bundles of mischief – not to mention their proud mothers.

After much consideration the prize went to Roy Haslam, of 97, Bank Hey-lane, with a consolation prize for Jean Lemoine, of 3, Hereford Road. The Mayoress is to present the trophy on Monday evening at 8 o’clock, during an interval in the performance.