Timeline of the Exchange

Captured Moments in Time

Exchange Company Blackburn Founded

The plans to build an Exchange on the corner of Church Street and Darwen Street had been put on hold for a number of years due to the state of the economy at the time. By late 1849, things were improving and the plans for the Exchange were back on!

On the 20th April 1850, the Blackburn Exchange Building Company was founded to manage the legal business of raising funds and building the new Exchange. The document lists some well known local names as the founding members:

  • Sir William Fielden Baronet
  • William Henry Hornby
  • William Kenworthy
  • Robert Hopwood (the elder)
  • Robert Hopwood (the younger)
  • Montague Joseph Fielden
  • Eccles Shorrock
  • Thomas Eccles
  • Richard Eccles
  • James Forrest
  • Thomas Bolton
  • Henry Hall

The document described the company’s purpose was to “erect an Exchange within the town of Blackburn for the transaction of the business of the merchants, manufacturers and other commercial gentlemen attending the Blackburn markets”.