Timeline of the Exchange

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Church Mission Overflows


In 1901 there was a UK-wide evangelistic mission initiated by the National Council of Evangelical Free Churches. Partnership events led by inspirational preachers with Bible studies, children’s events and prayer meetings were held simultaneously over a sustained period, attracting large crowds  in an attempt to stem the growing tide of secularism and bring the masses back to church.

Author and academic Derek J Tidball explains: ‘The nineteenth century had seen a growing proliferation of home mission agencies both of a denominational and independent kind but this was to be evangelism conducted on an unprecedented scale and would attempt, for the first time, to secure the national co-operation of the Free Churches.’*

According to the Methodist Times, the events held at The Exchange Hall were well supported by all denominations and prominent townsmen gave their support by attending the services including, the mayor, Mr William Tattersall. A children’s service was held in the afternoon and in the evening there were so many people that an overflow venue was set up to accommodate the numbers in the Orange Hall.

Pictured is Leamington Road Baptist Church, one of the last remaining churches which took part in the 1901 United Mission. It closed its doors in 2014 after 118 years.

*Derek J. Tidball, “‘A Work so rich in Promise’: the 1901 Simultaneous Mission and the Failure of Co- operative Evangelism,” Vox Evangelica 14 (1984): 85-103.