Timeline of the Exchange

Captured Moments in Time


In July 1920, the Blackburn Times reported the case of a local man who was fined for writing indecent words on the lavatory walls of the Exchange Picture Hall.


Reginald Shorrock of 165 Shear Brow, who did not appear in answer to the summons, was proceeded against by Mr. Alan Farman, manager of the Exchange Picture Hall, for writing indecent words on the wall of the lavatory and also with doing wilful damage to the wall. Mr. R. Ferguson prosecuted – Mr. Farman said during the interval in the programme he was called to the defendant who, when taxed with writing on wall, admitted it. Defendant further told witness he could do what he liked. The writing was in lead pencil.and witness handed in a copy of the words the defendant had written. The Bench imposed a fine of 5s. for writing indecent words. 20s. for doing wilful damage, ordered defendant to pay £2 damages, and £1 1s. advocate’s fee.

You can see where Reginald Shorrock lived. Here’s the link to 165 Shear Brow on Google Maps